Are Beards In Style For 2017

Contrary to what the Wall Street Journal wan’ts you to think, it ins’t over until it’s over… The beard is here to stay.

Is the Beard Trend Over? – WSJ then, the frenzy has grown: Flick on the TV and stubbled spokesmen hawk Old Spice deodorant and Sony PlayStations; in the sports world, pros like Houston Rockets player James Harden are as famous for their burly beards as for their ball-handling skills. Far from standing out for their scruff, bearded men have become almost boringly normal.

Which raises the question: Is the beard still cool? Men such as Benjamin Levy, who works in sales at Ralph Lauren, say no. After three years of having one, the freshly shorn 24-year-old said they now reflect conformity: “You go to a bar and all you see are bearded dudes. I don’t like it.”

Robert McMillen, the head barber at Blind Barber, which just set up its fourth shop, at the downtown Barneys New York, believes the beard reached its peak in popularity a year or two ago. “Men with burly beards are starting to reduce them for a more streamlined look,” said Mr. McMillen, 36. Take Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose much-maligned Rasputin beard was a shadow of its former self when he appeared on a morning talk show last month. Is the Beard Trend Over? – WSJ

Why Are Beards Here To Stay?

Well for one simple fact that these days the beards aren’t attached to being lazy, less fortunate or any other negative status symbol. A well groomed beard is a sign of success, any male able to rock a beard on a daily basis is one that designs his own life and controls his destiny. It’s now become a status symbol.

There is a caveat to this, that is the fact that the beard must be maintained. Which would explain why the rise in the beard oil market as a whole. It’s key to have a well groomed and maintained beard. For more information on how to keep your beard game on lock visit the following website –

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