Defining Good Electrode Pads For New Yorkers

Patients around the world, but especially in New York, are looking into what TENS electrode pads and TENS therapy can do for them. TENS therapy is one of the best methods for finding pain relief and feeling better. TENS therapy, however, may fail in the long run if you don’t purchase the right electrode pads.

So what should you look for when purchasing electrode pads? Is it all about the quality, or is there more to it than that? Below, we’ll attempt to answer all of these questions.

Moisture Control

When the pads are applied to the skin, moisture begins to develop and tends to disrupt the TENS therapy process. Any quality electrode pad you purchase must be able to handle moisture and consistently power through when it develops. Settling for less should never be an option. According to studies, electrodes with a special gel on the pad are able to manage all types of moisture without a problem, while pads without this gel tend to break down.


The actual pad should be as soft as possible, because it’s placed on the skin, which is a sensitive part of the body. Using a pad that’s not soft might hurt or damage the skin. Instead of putting a rough pad onto the skin, why not get a pad with soft gel on it? This is the type of high-quality pad you should be looking for.


Defining Good Electrode Pads For New YorkersHow many times can an electrode pad be used before it should be replaced? This is a big question, considering the amount of money that people invest in their pads. Good pads should last for at least eight uses before they have to be replaced; the great pads can go into double digits in this regard.

Putting up with low-quality electrode pads isn’t a good idea, considering what the pads are used for. Proper nerve stimulation won’t be successful if the pads aren’t made from quality materials.

Acquiring good electrode pads is important for the TENS process to work correctly, and getting this purchase right is key. Anyone who doesn’t buy the right pads will notice that the stimulation they receive isn’t as precise as it should be, and there will be ups and downs involved in getting the proper currents to come through.

As a New Yorker, you expect the best, so pick up some good, quality pads for tens unit TODAY and say goodbye to unwanted aches and pains!

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