Design a Great Office and Improve your Productivity

Many people nowadays work as freelancers and sooner or later they would need a home office to be able to work at their top best. With all these self-employed people came the need to design more home office furniture. An office is much more than a simple space equipped with desks and chairs. An office, whether at home or at work, needs to be a comfortable place that will improve your productivity and boost up your creativity. With the following advice you can create an optimal working environment at your home.

It is essential to have at least a piece of real office furniture in your home office because this drastically increases your efficiency. If you wonder where to purchase chairs and desks you should try looking it online first. With the power of internet that is available to us today, we can find quickly the useful information that we need. You can read online reviews of some particular piece of office furniture or if you have experienced something unusual with your office furniture, you can write the review yourself and share it in social media. The requirements of the furniture you need for your home office depends on your profession. If you are a freelance software developer, you’ll probably need a very large desk to be able to fit at least to monitors and a comfortable chair because you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in it. For example you could get an L-shaped desk because that provides you with plenty of space. You can use one area for your computer and data entry work, while the other area can be used for communicating with your clients and sellers. The biggest mistake when buying office chairs is that we don’t try them and when we get home we find out that the chair is highly uncomfortable. When I was buying furniture for my home office, I just looked for office furniture near me because I needed to equip my office as soon as possible. That ended in buying an expensive, beautifully looking but very uncomfortable. You can’t work properly in a bad chair.


When creating and decorating the perfect home office, you should also pay attention to the walls and floors. If you have wooden floors, you can leave it uncovered or you could get a simple rug to in addition to warm up the entire room and its atmosphere. If you have ordinary tiles, you should consider removing them and replacing them with something better like parquet or laminate. If you can’t invest in this, you should at least cover it with a rug that has bright colors. Bright colors are a must for a home office because they awaken you in the morning and evoke a feeling of positive mood and merriness. You need to locate office furniture which is both comfortable and functional. When you’re buying a chair, buy the one with cushioned seats and back support. Also, paint your walls in eye-pleasant colors like blue, green, pale yellow and lilac. These colors will increase your productivity and motivate you to be creative. In order to achieve optimal performance you should pay attention to the big things like lighting. If you lighting is poor you will suffer from headaches. Improperly adjusted lighting can also cause you insomnia which will eventually lead to poor performance and stress.


If you surround yourself with the thing you love you’ll surely be more creative and motivated. Add things which will make you love your office – decorate it with your favorite arts, books, plants, personal trophies and anything other that comes into your mind and makes you happy. Keep a clean working environment and always clear your desktop before finishing your working day. Clean desktop will increase your productivity over time and will keep you healthier and stress free.

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