English to Russian translation, features and problems

     Language is what separates us, humans, from animals. It is a quintessential means of communication and it can be easily said that without it, human civilization as we know it, would not exist. We live in a world where, currently, almost 7000 languages exist, and that means there are a lot of communication barriers between the people of the world. In order to stimulate economic and cultural exchange, those barriers must be overcome. For that matter, an individual or, say, a company, can enlist the services of a professional translation expert or use a plethora of online applications.

   The most popular and widely used language in the world is English language. Centuries of British colonization efforts and American economic power, technological superiority and cultural influence have been key reasons why English language is in such a position. But, the problem is that only around 400 million people are native speakers of English language. Many more native speakers has, for example, Chinese language, around 1.3 billion. USA and China are the leading powers on the world stage, but there are many more nations that claim an important role on that stage. One of those nations is Russia. The official language of Russia is Russian. It is the most geographically-widespread language of Eurasia and it is the most widely spoken of the Slavic languages. It is also the largest native language in Europe, with more than 144 million native speakers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world. The Russian language is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.


   As Russia is considered a world power, using and understanding the Russian language is an important feature for those who wish to engage in economic, cultural or some other type of exchange. Russian translation is therefore very popular with businesses who are looking to make the most of investment opportunities. Russian is also widely used in technology and has become the second most widely used language on the internet after English. There are a couple of translation methods one can use. One type of translation method that can be used is the use of online applications and tools. But this has its downsides as it is rather difficult for a computer program to translate as accurately as it is sometimes necessary. One can encounter numerous grammatical and spelling errors when using online translation tools. This method is mostly used when engaging in casual communication where language accuracy is not of the greatest concern, as it is mostly free of charge. The other type of translation means employing a translations expert or agency, who provide the highest possible level of accuracy and quality of translation but are sometimes expensive. Whatever your reason for needing English to Russian translation, you need to be able to trust the translation service you are dealing with. If you choose to employ a certain type of translation method, it most certainly means you are not fluent or understand Russian language at all and thus are unable to check the accuracy of the translation.

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