How to find appropriate Interior Designer?

    If you’ve ever found yourself walking into a living room, an office, or a lobby and immediately noticed an array of color, fabric, lighting, and furniture that creatively pleases the eye, it’s certain you’ve witnessed the work of an Interior Designer. Interior Decorating is can be considered both science and an art. Plainly speaking, what a designer basically does is that he or she uses his or her own creativity and practicality to envision and create a surrounding that is satisfying and appropriate to human needs. The job of the Interior Designer means teaming up with a certain client in order to find out their needs and desires for the particular space they want to change. It is a methodical process that includes extensive research, compilation of a portfolio for illustrative purposes, the presentation of proposed designs, contracting labor and supplies, overseeing progress from start to finish, and finally delivering the agreed upon design at the designated date. Once the job is done, the finishing result must enhance and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. By working with such items as wallpaper, furnishings, paint, floor coverings and accessories, the designer is able to create such an environment  that is considered physically, intellectually, and emotionally suitable for their client(s). In order to satisfy these needs the designer must discover and study the various tastes and living habits of their respective clients.


   One of the top Interior Design firms that you can find, Janine Dowling Design is a full service residential interior design firm which specializes in interior design projects and renovations. The primary service area of the firm is The City of Boston and its surrounding areas, as well as the Cape and islands. Additionally, the firm conducts projects throughout the areas of New England and in Southern Florida. Janine Dowling Design offers services such as space planning, furniture, fabric and lightning selection, accessories and artwork, color consultations, and the creation of architectural material palettes. The projects this firm conducts are both small scale, like simple consultations, or large scale, like an entire house redecoration. In her own words, Janine Dowling has had a lifelong passion for all things design. She prides herself as being well versed in a wide variety of styles from traditional to transitional to modern. The titles Janine Dowling possesses include Master of Social Work, Boston University, Sustainable Design Certificate, BAC and Decorative Arts Certificate, BAC

   Before Janine Dowling started her own full service interior design practice specializing in residential design, she held a position of a Senior Designer at the Boston Office of Wells and Fox for more than 10 years, mainly focusing on high-end residential design projects. Janine Dowling’s main goal is to create beautiful and sophisticated homes, and mostly strives to establish a connection between sustainable practical design and high-end residential design. The key is team approach, and the creation of individual design concepts that fit into a larger residential statement. Interior designer Janine Dowling is also a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a LEED-Accredited Professional.

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