Gardening Trends – Making a Unique Garden

If you love gardening we’re sure you go crazy when someone says to you gardening is just a hobby. Only true lovers and green thumbs know that gardening is an art form that requires a lot of dedication and time. Gardens are much more than a result of a good climate conditions and suitable landscapes. It’s also much more than simple knowledge of planting and taking care of the plants. Your garden is an extension of your imagination, passion and love towards flowers and greenery. In this article we’ll try to help you define your personal style by introducing you to popular types of gardens.

Your garden can reflect who you are and what you like as much as your home interior, your room, clothes and so on. Different types of garden can say a lot about a person. Every gardener can develop his own personal style that will not only fit all his needs but also create a unique style that will be easily recognizable.

Woodland garden

If you love nature, maybe a good reflection of your style can be a woodland/forest garden. This type a garden is for outdoorsy lovers who enjoy fresh air and greenery. With wonderful green trees you can pair almost anything, but we recommend you combining it with shade garden and some wildflowers. The benefits of this type are that it requires low maintenance because woodland plants and wildflowers can be grown almost anywhere. In order to successfully grow these plants, you just need to imitate their natural surroundings. Wildflowers are also great because you can pair them with any type and color of grass.


Tropical garden

If your nature is more wild than calm, you could create a tropical garden to reflect your character. This type is quite easy to create and they will give your home an exceptional exotic appeal. A tropical garden needs a lot of maintenance so if you decide to go for it, it’s very advisable to get a consult from a gardening contractor about a good irrigation system that will properly water your plants. These gardens also need a lot of fertilizers and mulching. To ease your troubles, we recommend you to combine this type of garden with water gardens that will have a small water pond with a decent rainfall or sprinkler system. Water gardens are very adjustable to the available space. These gardens are very serene, especially when combined with water lilies and cattails.


Japanese Garden

Japanese Gardens are very popular types of garden since they represent the gardener as subtle, gentle and tranquil. These gardens are very simple but they focus on the details. It accentuates the respect of nature and it’s basic shapes and objects, like rocks. Water is also an important element that must be accentuated properly. Pair a simple basin with bamboo structures, groups of stones and simple outdoor lighting.


Remember, expressing yourself doesn’t have limits! Good gardeners will always figure out alternative solutions in order to achieve what they want. Whether your garden is in or out, whether is in the backyard or on your rooftop, whether you’re in cool, wet or hot climate, you must pursue your passion to make progress and develop your skills. You may want to grow specific plants, or you maybe prefer to improve the landscape of your property. Whatever you choose is fine. The key of making a perfect and unique garden is easy – just pursue your interests and be as creative as you can.


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