Popular Engagement Ring Styles In NYC

Once you’ve picked a stone for your partner’s engagement ring, it’s time to choose a setting for the ring. Now, this is the real fun part. Despite the fact that the stone can represent up to 90% of the expense of the ring, the setting is what characterizes its look and showcases the stone to its best advantage. Many people, however, don’t start with a particular style in mind. For these customers, the most difficult part is narrowing down the possible outcomes.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

With such an extensive variety of alternatives, how would you pick between an emerald cut setting and a halo setting? Consider what fits her way of life and identity best. In addition to your budget plan, her style and her day to day activities are the primary considerations that ought to emerald cut ringmanage your choice of a setting. The first thing when looking for a mounting (the industry term for a setting before it is set with a stone), is never to let the addition of a wedding ring stray a long way from your thoughts. The second thing is, planning what you want. This means whether you are purchasing a common set or building an engagement ring from scratch, each part of the ring – the stone, metal, and mount – should be picked based on your lifestyle and budget. The decisions are endless, from a basic solitaire to various stones and mix of settings on the same ring.

Various Ring Types 

The most widely recognized and classic ring setting is known as a prong setting. A prong is a little metal paw that grasps the precious stone firmly, holding it set up. An advantage of this setting is that there is a minimum presence of metal so that there’s more of the precious stone to see and all the more light that can go through the diamond, in this way, adding to its brilliance.

styles of engagement ringsThe second most popular and widely used engagement ring setting is Bezel where a metal rim with edges completely or in part encompasses the border of the stone. The advantages of this are, protects a stone’s support from being scratched or chipped, hides existing scratches or chips on a stone’s girdle as well as secures a stone well. The surface of this type of rings is entirely smooth, and the metal can be formed to fit any stone shape cozily. One of the notable advantages of this is, a white metal encompassing a white stone can make the stone seem bigger, or a yellow gold bezel setting can improve the shade of red or green gemstones.

The third and the best setting of an engagement ring is Channel. It is very popular for wedding rings; this setting sandwiches a line of stones – with no metal isolating them – between two level channels for part or the majority of the ring. As round stones cost less to set than square or rectangular ones in the recent times, this setting has become famous. The advantages of this are, it securely supports the stones, provides better grip for little stones over a prong or clear setting and the surface is totally smooth and subtle.


Nothing emanates commitment like a big stone sitting pretty on the finger of your spouse. Give your partner the best surprise ever with the ring setting that most suits her, but be sure to do your research and home work before you drop the big payment.  If you are interested in learning more about the styles and types of engagement rings, read more here.

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