How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Crowdfunding



While most crowdfunding projects do not get enough backers to achieve their goals, crowdfunders that effectively make use of brilliant social media marketing strategies can achieve success within reasonably shorter periods of time. Most of the prospective backers come from social media, so depending on the type of your project should identify which social networks your target audience is more likely to use. The team at SmartBoostSystem knows that you need to leverage influencers to reach their already built in audience.


A limited period of time makes it necessary to market on a few social networks, so you have to carefully choose the ones that can give you the best results. To speed up the process and to optimize the gains expected, it’s always advisable to work with a team of experts that employ proven strategies. A large team like SmartBoost working together to promote your crowdfunding project on social media can make an impact within a significantly shorter period of time.


When to get started


Starting early enough before the actual campaign launch on Indiegogo is highly recommended. So hire your crowdfunding social media marketing team in advance if you haven’t already established any strong social media presence. A great team can make a huge impact even after 2 days of intensive social media marketing, but getting them on board at the earliest opportunity could make things much easier for your project. Existing social media pages may need optimization while new ones may need to be created. If there is a social media network that could be more relevant for your project but you haven’t taken advantage of yet, that will need to be targeted too.


Using more targeted unique content


Marketing your project ideas or brand on social media requires great content. You may have such content created early in advance in order to save you time later. A schedule of posting the content not only makes work easier but is a smart way of ensuring your promotion efforts are consistent over time. SmartBoostSystems helps layout a plan of action that is actually easy to follow. Staying in touch with your target audience keeps your brand in their minds. It is important to respond to comments of users and engage them in every way that is beneficial to both your project and themselves. Great content and creative engagement strategies on social media helps create valuable relationships with prospective backers and even media reporters. Twitter is especially great for establishing media relationships that you need for the PR outreach strategies of your crowdfunding campaign.


Creativity and experience matters


For any crowdfunding campaign to succeed there must be efficient social media strategies implemented more effectively. When projects go viral on social media, chances of success are always high. In such cases, a project could easily get funded even beyond the target set for the campaign. But making any project go viral takes a lot of creativity and intensive promotion on social media. You will need a team of talented marketers and crowdfunding experts with a lot of experience. Before you hire anyone for such work, you should always find out how many other projects they have successfully marketed to achieve their targets. Although every project has its uniqueness, there are numerous proven strategies that can significantly boost most projects to hit their targets much faster.


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