Traveling to Canada?

If you are the citizen of the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia, and you want to travel to Canada, you need no more visas to enter Canada. Instead, you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), and the complete process of application is online.

To get Canada ETA visa, you have to fulfill the following requirement:

– To have a valid passport

– To have a credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express) to pay the fee

– To have an e-mail address to which your ETA will be sent.

ETA applications are mostly approved within minutes after application. But, sometimes you may be asked to submit supporting documents and, in that case, the process can take even several days. So, the best time to get your ETA is before you book your flight.

ETA is valid for five years and in the course of this period it allows you multiple entries (this period can be extended or limited by border officers). Keep in mind that ETA is not permission to live or work in Canada.

Once your ETA has been approved, you can start planning your traveling. Canada vacation may be the best vacation you have ever had. It offers so many beautiful places to visit, picturesque landscape, great cities and it is a country of friendly people. Ice in the Yukon, mountains in Calgary, and rainforests of Vancouver are must see. These are destinations that you should not miss such as Montreal, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Toronto, and Calgary, Nova Scotia, etc.

Canada is the country where civilization and nature are in harmony; there are great urban places to visit, huge wild spaces presenting wonders of the outdoors, places where you can retreat to restore your soul, great national parks, etc.

1 (1)We can recommend you some of the most interesting places you should visit and things you ought to do:

– Calgary – The Calgary Stampede (rodeo lasting a few days, a kind of carnival and drinking event where everyone is pretending to be a cowboy, a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet people from all over the world);

– Skiing and snowboarding down the Canadian mountains;

– Montreal – located in the British Columbia, one of the most beautiful regions in Canada, blend of nature and civilization

– Vancouver Island – the place to sit and relax, try delicious seafood

– Pacific Rim National Forest- one of the most popular parks in Canada, actually the rainforest

– Toronto – with its galleries providing the best exhibits in the country

– Montreal – the beautiful city in Quebec, giving you an insight into French way of life with its lovely street, jazz clubs, delicious cuisine making it the hippiest and the most romantic city in the country

– The Atlantic Provinces – Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island, with the friendliest people in the whole Canada, great places to relax by the ocean, whale watching, etc.

– Niagara Falls – one of the most visited places on the continent, and you cannot imagine how big it is until you see it

– The Yukon – not visited that often, but gives you the chance to feel the real nature and see the bear, elk or deer, etc.

These are some of the places and things. You will find much more, for sure.

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