Unique Styles And Fashions For Your Golf Trip

The weather is getting warmer, and precipitation is turning from snow and sleet to rain. While most people are not fans of rain and thunderstorms, a lot of people are big fans of the warm weather. Warmer weather is much more conducive for a multitude of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, biking, running, and golf. Now, the weather may not be quite warm enough to go out for a game of golf at your local course, but that’s why golf trips are so popular at this time of year. Many people who have missed out on golfing all winter are packing their bags and traveling somewhere warm like Naples Florida or Myrtle Beach to get out on the course and work on their rusty skills.


Seriously, why shouldn’t you take a golf trip? Serious golfers are always looking for an excuse to get away on a golf vacation or any vacation for that matter. Get away to somewhere warm, play a couple of rounds of golf, maybe visit the beach while you are there. What are you waiting for? Start planning now and don’t forget to pack accordingly.

Serious Fashion For Serious Golf

great golf attireFortunately, the days of odd looking plaid pants and odd striped shirts have disappeared on the golf course.  At least to some extent. New golfers on tour like Ricki Fowler have made it cool to wear bright colors, and mix and match nearly any outfit.  Fowler often wears bright orange from head to toe on Sunday’s, and it is common to see young kids of all ages imitating the young pro in their own orange Puma clothing.  Regardless of when you plan your trip, be sure to take some time and do some shopping, and set yourself apart from the group with some great clothing of your own.

If you haven’t been on the course all winter, you probably have not swung a club in quite some time, and your skills are going to be a little bit rusty. In addition to investing in some quality clothing, you may also want to do some research and find some local lessons before you go away.  If you take a golf trip with some of the guys now (maybe some of the guys who usually make you look good), then you will not suffer from embarrassment when you go out for your first time at your home course.


How should you plan your golf trip?

First you will need to decide who you want to go with. Choose a couple of guys to invite. Now, rather than finding a golf course, then finding a room to stay in somewhere else, why not stay at a golf resort? When you stay at a golf resort, you can wake up and just walk outside for that early tee time. Even better, if you want to schedule two games in a day, then you do not have to worry about driving back and forth to a course. Want to try out a couple of different courses? Use the resort as a home base and a great spot for the early game, and then head over to another course for a later tee time.

The other easier way to find a great deal is to shop online and find a golf package provider.  If you want to plan a golf trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you can find a company online to handle everything for your trip from start to finish.  A golf package provider can plan tee times, accommodations, flights, car rentals, and even meals and entertainment. Save yourself the headache of planning your trip, and spend your time finding some great outfits to impress the cart girls.

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