No One Is Really From NYC… So Where Do They Come From?

How To Wear State Pride With Style

Listen, we know that babies are actually born in NYC. But as you walk the streets of the Big Apple, it seems that you run into people from all over the US, that moved here to “make it in the big city”. Not to mention international transplants. So where do these non natives come from?

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When people transferred to a particular place, they would tend to forget their place of birth, the place where they were born, they were raised and they grew. However, a lot of Michiganders or those people coming from the State of Michigan are not afraid of showing their love and loyalty to their homeland. Discussed subsequently are 5 essential facts on how the Michigan people wear their state pride despite being away from home.


There are so many people from the State of Michigan who migrated to New York City for several reasons. Below, nevertheless, are their general styles of showing their homeland loyalty and love.


First, they always root for their own sports team. Whatever the sports is, may it be a local basketball team, a baseball team, a football team or a hockey team, they always root for any of those sports teams. This is one of their ways to show their commitment to their place of nativity.


Second, they always love to wear their Michigan clothing. One of the most prominent apparels in their homeland is the brand of clothing, called ‘LivnFresh .’ According to them, this is one of the strong reasons why they love their homeland, as there are so many clever plays on their state which is shaped like a mitten.  Their pride elevates every time they wear such a witty t shirt.


Third, they always eat Michigan-based foods. The local tastes of their state-based foods really attract them wherever they may go. In New York City, they would love to go some food outlets, like Michigan Hot Dog. Michigan Hot Dog has become popular in the North Country of the State of New York.


Fourth, wearing their state pride is also shown by way of possessing Michigan memorabilia. There are a lot of things which can serve as memorabilia, like printed shirts, tea towels, and the like. Wherever the Michiganders may go, these memorabilia serve as their proof of loyalty and love.

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Fifth, they portray their commitment to their homeland by bringing some localized mugs. The mugs are printed with messages, like ‘I love Michigan!’ or ‘Michigan is my homeland!’ This is a solid testimony that these people, who were not born in New York, are really committed to their land of birth.


With the 5 general ways these people are showing that they really love their place of origin, it can easily be inferred that the Michiganders are really loyal to their homeland. No matter what happen and wherever they may go, they are really committed to show their love to their own land. The 5 general ways are simple to understand but somehow hard to do for some whose love to their native land is not that strong. Wearing state pride with diverse styles can be shown through executing the things, such as wearing locally made shirts and bringing memorabilia, like mugs.


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